Onboarding Guide


Consulting vs Contracting

  • Greenfield vs Brownfield
    • Greenfield software is the software that we design and develop from scratch. Brownfield software is one where something already exists and we have to add functionality and/or features to it.
    • Obvious mostly works in greenfield software development but we occasionally work with brownfield stuff too.

Engineering Philosophy



  • Functional Core and Imperative Shell
  • Introduction to State Machines
  • Introduction to Mobius
      • Pairing activity using Counter example
      • Test-driven development
      • Introduce the login example
      • Pair on drawing the state diagram for login screen
      • Introduce Effect and EffectHandler
      • Introduce to Views and View Renderers
      • Introduce Init and wire Mobius loop
    • Individual Activity: Re-write the take-home exercise in Mobius