RE (Release Engineering) is the difference between building software in small teams/startups and manufacturing software in an industrial way that is repeatable, gives predictable results, and scales w

Whenever a team is trying to ship a product, there are 3 major worries…

  • Features

  • Quality

  • Schedule

Given any sort of constraint, the first thing that is kicked off the list are Features! Teams are always aiming for top notch quality, because high quality brings with it many advantages:

  • High quality means less maintenance in the future

    • … means less stress for the team

    • … means longevity of the system in production

    • ... means control and predictability of costs

Organisations want a trustworthy schedule that they can believe in. It helps align the units of the organisation, and helps it work like an efficient machine.

In a competitive world, this is a critical advantage to companies. New products can be planned accordingly, because results for the current one will arrive in a predictable fashion. Other engineering teams (API, infrastructure, IT) know when to expect something new and be suitably prepared. Even marketing and sales teams are happy!

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